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Fine Art Prints and Posters

Beaver Lodge Prints are the exclusive distributors of Fine Art Prints and Posters in the UK, distributing some of the most outstanding and contemporary artwork available in the Open Edition Print market.  Each of our publishers are carefully selected to bring a diversity of images into our collection.

At the centre of Beaver Lodge Prints is a team who have a passion for art.  Our staff work closely with each publisher who constantly watch both the national and international interior markets to ensure we bring you artwork that meets with todays requirements for interior inspired artwork.

We are currently working with five international publishers:-

Wild Apple - New for 2013

In May 2013, Beaver Lodge Prints are proud to announce the addition of Wild Apple Graphics to their portfolio of publishers.  The welcome return of Wild Apple brings with it a superb new collection of Open Edition Prints from a very sought after American publisher.

For more than 23 years, Wild Apple has been working with artists, creating and delivering exclusive collections of top-selling prints to customers around the world.  Wild Apple works with over 60 artists, each with their own unique style covering popular themes from City and Landscape to Florals, coastal, fashion, wine coffee and more.

Kunstanstalten May ag

Kunstanstalten May ag, also known simply as May boast the widest collection of interior inspired images, which combined with German quality brings some of the most outstanding reproductions available on the Open Edition Print market.  There extensive knowledge of the printing industry is reflected in the quality of there Fine Art Prints. Each Fine Art Print is reporduced on 300gsm paper using some of the latest printing techniques, foils, lacquers and inks.  Not only are there colours vibrant and long lasting but eco-friendly too.

As a free enhancement to your print why not add a linen structure to the paper.  A service that is unique to May and offers a canvas like finish to your print.

May also carry a range of laminated canvas prints, which are very durable and easy to stretch over stretcher bars.  This range of prints are as vibrant as the standard line of prints, and often includes gold or silver foils too.

Quartero International s.a.s.

If you're an art lover on a budget, why not consider this well priced range of prints.  Boasting one of the largest collections of Open Edition Prints in our range, the collection consists of art from some of the great master painters of all time through to the most contemporary artists of the modern era.

If you are tired of seeing lifeless reproductions of Klimt, one of the most prolific artists of the early 20th century, then Quartero offer you some of the most visually appealing reproductions of his work available on the market.  A must see for any Klimt enthusiast.

Top Image Publishing

This small but diverse collection of images are a great addition to this collection.  With a wide range of subjects, from still life to abstract and figurative to photographic, this collection really has it all.

These high quality prints are reproduced on 300gsm paper, and often have special finishes to complement the print.

Gango Editions

Gango Editions are our favoured publishers from across the pond, and bring a trans-atlantic view of the Open Edition Print market to our collection.  With well over 2000 images that include both niave and whimsical art, this collection is a must if you like your art to have a touch of Americanism.

What we do

As distributors of these prestigious publishing companies, Beaver Lodge Prints aim to hold stock of as many Fine Art Prints as the publishers have available.  Using our unique reporting software, we can monitor changing customer trends quickly, and adjust our stock levels accordingly.